Home n 'Tools: the directors' waltz continues!

The employees of "Home n 'Tools" no longer know which saint to devote themselves to! Indeed, since last January, the employees of the company have seen before their eyes no less than five different directors. Hence their dissatisfaction displayed last Friday, in front of the store sign.

"It's nothing," said a store employee, before adding, "our director, Jean-Pierre Bisquerra, took office on February 26, signing an indefinite contract with a period four month trial. However, we have just learned that his contract has not been renewed. This is a totally unfair decision, especially since the turnover had increased significantly since his arrival. To top it off, a new director was appointed earlier this week, in place of Jean-Pierre Bisquerra. Admittedly, we saw it at home a day before it disappeared into the wild ”! While waiting to resolve this burlesque imbroglio, Stéphane Abarnou, the sector manager, and the employees of the “Home n 'Tools” brand manage the store day by day, without knowing what their next day will be like. AF

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