Tribute to the Police officers who died for France


The ceremony of homage to the police officers dead for France was held yesterday afternoon, within the confines of the Police at the Borders, in Marigot.

In the presence of the civil and military authorities of Saint-Martin, the ceremony took place under the chairmanship of the Delegate Prefect of the Northern Islands, Anne Laubies, accompanied for the occasion by the Commander of the Gendarmerie of Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy , Sébastien Manzoni and the Captain of the Border Police, Avelino Fernandez. After having laid a wreath in front of the commemorative plaque affixed in the courtyard of the Border Police, Anne Laubies read the message from the Minister of the Interior Bernard Cazeneuve, paying tribute to "all the people who fought for the cause of freedom ”during the Second World War, and saluting the“ noble mission ”of those who protect our citizens today against all threats. _AF


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