TRIBUTE A minute of silence observed yesterday morning in memory of Constable Loïc Jeansanetas, who died in Metropolitan France in the exercise of his duties


Yesterday Thursday April 27, a minute of silence was observed by the gendarmes of Guadeloupe, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy, in memory of gendarme Loïc Jeansanetas, who died on April 22, 2023, as a result of his injuries on an arrest mission. in the town of La Chapelle in the Allier (03). Pacsé and 27 years old, he was going to be the father of his first child, specifies the Ministry of the Interior in a press release.

A meditation also took place in the prefectures of Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin/Saint-Barthélemy, as well as in all the gendarmeries of France. _AF

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