Chained man: reactions of the labor inspectorate 


Following the affair of the man who chained himself to the portal of the labor inspectorate and general information, the labor inspectorate sent us the following right of reply: “It should be noted that the the labor inspectorate does not have any current or blocked administrative file concerning Mr. Julio César L. However, this individual is known to our service due to our intervention during a dispute with his former employer on April 08, 2015 , and, our service had already informed him at the time that in the event of resignation, he would not be compensated by Pôle Emploi. All the mandatory documents were given to him by his former employer. As for the abuse of power mentioned on a sign, there too, we have not committed any abuse of power, and, no one is above the law, our service included because all our decisions are accompanied by avenues and deadlines
appeal. Furthermore, we are dismayed by the words of corruption put forward by Mr. Julio César L. because in our "public" service (which is free), no agent receives or has received funds or benefits in anyone's nature. These comments are defamatory and require legal action ”. AF


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