Eight months in prison and warrant for depositing a gendarme


A young Saint-Martinois of 21 years was tried by the criminal court of Saint-Martin in immediate appearance Friday morning for illicit use of cannabis and violence with a gun on a gendarme, in this case a paving stone. On February 25, gendarmes on patrol at Sandy Ground saw a group of four individuals use cannabis. They decide to control them. They ask the identity of one of them who refuses. A second individual flees and the third, the accused, who is not asked for anything, takes a step back, grabs a pavement and launches him at a gendarme. He will have a suture and a 4-day ITT delivered three days after the fact.

After deliberation, the court followed the requisitions of the deputy prosecutor. The young man was sentenced to eight months in prison and had to pay 500 euros in damages to the injured gendarme who had brought a civil action. A deposit warrant was also issued against him. He therefore left Friday afternoon in prison in Guadeloupe. More details on www.soualigapost.com


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