IEDOM: First publication of the Overseas Dashboard


The Overseas Departments Issuing Institute and Overseas Issuing Institute publish the first edition of the Overseas Macroeconomic and Monetary Indicators Scoreboard.

The Overseas Dashboard brings together, in a single document, the main structural, economic and monetary indicators common to the intervention geographies of the issuing institutes, ie all of the overseas departments and communities. Organized by type of data, it makes it possible to view on a single page the trajectories compared in the medium or long term, of the different geographies, grouped by ocean basin in each graph.

The range of data represented is wide and data specific to Pacific communities is included. There are thus elements relating to the money supply, the production of credits, or even to the net international position in the overseas collectivities. The dashboard concludes on three pages dedicated to each of the Atlantic, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Saint-Martin and Saint-Barthélemy communities, presented separately for reasons of scale and readability, and due of their specificities.

With this document, the issuing institutes endeavor to provide the various economic and institutional players with diagnostic elements useful for analysis and decision-making.

The IEDOM and IEOM publications can be downloaded free of charge from the websites and


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