He steals a car on the Dutch side and is arrested… on the French side


Justice Minister Anna Richardson told a Cabinet briefing on Wednesday that police are focusing on an upsurge in car thefts this month.

Anna Richardson said that the Sint Maarten KPSM police force and the gendarmerie are working together to fight against the increase in car thefts.

"Thanks to this cooperation, arrests have been made on the French side and on the Dutch side," she said.

Carl John, the Dutch police chief confirmed Wednesday evening that the gendarmes had arrested a person on the French side earlier this week for car theft. French authorities confiscated the stolen vehicle during the arrest, said Carl John.

If we understand correctly, the car that was stolen from the Dutch side was able to cross one of the partially open borders. This means that the person (s) who stole the vehicle have obtained an exemption from the authorities to circulate!

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