"I'm Smartian": a documentary project on the inhabitants of Saint-Martin


Johnson Fabre wishes to highlight the identity of the inhabitants of the island, whether it is their culture of origin or adoption.

Mark the difference between culture of origin and culture of adoption while showing how they form a whole. This is the ambition of Johnson Fabre with his video “Where I'm From? SXM ”posted on YouTube on November 17.

“I was born in Saint-Martin but my parents were born in Haiti. Growing up on the island was a big fight for me because my parents are Haitian. Children born to Haitian parents were not considered Saint-Martinois. But on the other hand, they didn't know much about Haiti. For some Haitians, I was not even Haitian. Big confusion. To make matters worse, I was born on the French side of Saint Martin, which makes me French. So to sum up, I am a citizen of the world, I am Saint-Martinois, I am Haitian, but I am also French. He describes in his video.

Co-founder of Soualiga Media, producer and director, Johnson Fabre has been working a lot in metropolitan France in recent times. And its ease of passing from one language to another, sometimes in the same sentence, like most of the inhabitants of the island, is appealing in France as abroad. “What makes us unique is our way of speaking. "He considers.

This is what he explains in his video: “being able to speak French, Creole, or English is not given to everyone. But in Saint-Martin that's how we speak. English is our first language, but you can be sure that it will be mixed with Dutch, Creole, French, Spanish, and more. People from all over the world come to St. Maarten and they love the way they talk and all the things that both sides of the island have to offer. This is where I come from, but I have a crazy love for my parents' country. So I imagine that makes months a Smartian. ".

A documentary broadcast on national channels?

This video is a bit like a bottle thrown into the sea. Johnson Fabre is calling on it to collect other testimonies from the inhabitants of the island. Testimonials from people of all origins. He seeks to create a “community” before coming next summer to shoot a documentary. “The goal is to show our way of speaking, and our identity. Before Irma, few people knew where Saint-Martin was. But our identity is not to have been struck by Irma, ”he emphasizes. The objective is to produce a documentary which is broadcast on national channels in order to present the cultural particularities of Saint-Martin. For the time being, he is looking for funding (Source Soualigapost).


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