IMMIGRATION / Police: Increase in the number of procedures carried out by the PAF


The number of foreigners without a residence permit is estimated at 8 in the French part of the island.

In 2016, border police services arrested 498 illegal foreigners, 39 more than in 2015, mainly Dominicans, Jamaicans and Dominicans, according to figures from the prefecture. The PAF has carried out 17 procedures for residence assistance and 15 for the employment of illegal immigrants.

38 forgery procedures and the use of forgery have been initiated, almost double that in 2015. They mainly concern Haitians who provide false birth certificates and Dominicans with false driver's licenses.

147 untitled foreigners were expelled, 38 less than in 2015.

PAF has increased its presence at Juliana Airport; it carried out 71 checks there jointly with the Dutch immigration services, compared to 16 the previous year. (Source:

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