INCOME TAX 2023: The deadline for filing returns postponed to Saturday June 15!


The tax declaration campaign on income received in 2023 has been extended until Saturday June 15, 2024.

Taxpayers have received their declaration form for the past year by post. The forms are also available by downloading from the Community website dedicated to taxation:

People living in Saint-Martin without being tax domiciled there, failing to satisfy the so-called “five-year” rule (arriving in Saint-Martin after December 31, 2018), must combine the declaration obligation in Saint-Martin with the tax obligations provided for by the State (see notice 2041 NR).

Tax returns must be filed before June 15, 2024 by mail to the Saint-Martin tax office: 16, rue Jean-Jacques Fayel – BP 1084 – 97 061 Saint-Martin Cedex or in the mailbox located at the entrance of the Tax Center at Concordia.



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