Inauguration of the “Faces of Saint-Martin” exhibition: “The Elders”


The inauguration of the “Faces of Saint-Martin” exhibition, the theme of which for the third year is seniors, took place last Monday at the end of the afternoon in the Jardins de la Collectivité in the presence of Valérie Damaseau, the first vice-president of the COM, the prefect, Sylvie Feucher and the representative of the DRAC who provided financial support.

First Vice-President Valérie Damaseau greeted the people who took part in the portrait game, as well as the photographers whose talent is highlighted in this exhibition initiated under the aegis of the Cultural direction of the Collectivity of Saint-Martin .

Faces of St Martin immortalizes the faces, the looks and the smiles of our elders and thus allows everyone to discover them from a new angle, through a benevolent look, imbued with respect and admiration.

Faces of Saint-Martin is a short-lived Street Art exhibition, directly inspired by the project "Inside out" by the French artist JR It offers everyone the opportunity to share their portrait, their story and to get a message across  urban space.

The candidates were selected by a selection committee made up of professionals, on the basis of the 15 photographs proposed. The selected photographers are:

1- Lauralie PETERSON

2- Christian MANSANA

3- Valerie VINCENT

4- Danitza BOSQUI

The jury evaluated the staging, the quality of the image, the framing, the visual strength, the creativity and the originality of the portrait.

The photographs were placed in strategic places in Saint-Martin in terms of visibility. This exhibition is ephemeral, it will evolve over time and inclement weather, until it disappears, dissolution being an integral part of the artistic approach of this Street art project.

The artistic approach of the candidates

Each exposed candidate explained in a text his approach and his artistic approach for this competition.

  Candidate 1 - Lauralie Peterson

“This year I was again very excited to participate in this competition. The theme turned out to be a little more difficult than the previous year. One reason is that seniors don't particularly like having their photos taken. Knowing that they are no longer as alert as when they were young, you can easily understand why they tend to refuse to be photographed. So I had to be convincing to show them that they are still beautiful and with their wrinkles and graying hair. Some people, however, were extremely excited to be able to be immortalized in this way.

My goal was to have people of various ages and origins to show the cultural diversity of our island.

I focused only on the portraits. I only wanted to show their faces and capture their expressions and try to capture their true identity. I also tried to photograph famous faces.

I am satisfied with the result of my work and I leave with a new look at the old ones. It was a joy to hear their stories about ancient times in Saint-Martin and I think it is very important to collect their stories so that our history is not forgotten ”.

Candidate 2 - Christian Mansana

The elders

“Here is a new vision on our old people, on our ancestors. I wanted to focus on the eyes and their hands. Our elders have a few things to say with their postures and their looks. Manual or intellectual, they all have a certain look at the years that have passed. With sparkling eyes, they all agreed to be photographed with pleasure having not been afraid to see the years spent on their faces.

The expression that stands out in these photos, these wrinkles that reflect their personality with the mischief and happiness in their eyes are a testimony to their lives. The photo is a great way to see it. It is a new approach for me in the art of portrait painting. My biggest regret is that I did not have permission to photograph our seniors at the retirement home. There is so much to say and therefore to photograph ”.

Candidate 3 - Valérie Vincent

“My artistic approach is quite simple, I left with my camera on my shoulder to meet people.

I explained my approach and I accepted everyone's choice, to take or not to take photos, as simply as possible without artifice. Sometimes I had to make an appointment, but what matters to me is the intensity of the look. "

Candidate 4 - Danitza Bosqui

“Having always been attracted to photography without ever really dedicating myself to it, I take this opportunity to participate in this competition in order to highlight my creations. I particularly like images that provoke an emotion or that express an idea or a message from the observer.

This year's theme speaks to me, because I have an exceptional 91-year-old grandmother, whom I wanted to honor through this competition, and show her how grateful we are for all the good deeds that it does for us but also for its neighborhood.

Through these photos, I wanted to show her dynamism and her joie de vivre.

I am happy to participate in this cultural event which pays homage to our elders, who are often forgotten.

The objective of this project is to be able to value the elderly and create exchanges to promote dignity, hope and respect; change our eyes towards them and show a different perspective on the third age and open a dialogue between generations;

Time passes so fast ! Let's take a few moments to capture these moments reflecting the richness that our elders bring to us. I am happy to take up the challenge. ” _AF

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