Spectacular fire at Nettle Bay


Last Sunday, around 16 p.m., a  A major fire broke out in a private room located in the “Domaine de la Baie Nettlé” residence (between the Cadisco service station and the Hommage hotel, formerly Mercure). The entire building was destroyed as well as a vehicle.

According to our information, the fire started from a private room in which there were three motorcycles. Alerted immediately, the firefighters quickly arrived on the scene to get rid of the flames but their intervention did not go quite as planned!

Firefighters deprived of… water!

Indeed, due to a major breakage on the main Marigot network on Saturday, disruptions (drop in flow, interruption) in the distribution of water took place in the sectors of Sandy Ground, Nettle Bay and Les Terres- Bass. Saur estimated in his press release the return to normal Sunday morning. Except that Sunday afternoon, the fire hydrants located near the disaster were dry! In short, no water in the pipes to extinguish the fire ...

The firefighters had to deal with the means at hand to finally find water in the Sandy-Ground area and overcome the flames. What a day for our firefighters! _AF


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