Padel initiation: 5th Set Academy Tennis and Padel made people happy!


At the initiative of the 5th Set Academy Tennis and Padel, many people were invited last Sunday at Sandy-Ground to discover the new trendy discipline, Padel! 

The two professional coaches who manage the 5th Set Academy Tennis and Padel, namely Laurent Paillusseau (former coach of Elina Svitolina, 5th player in the world) and Andrey Rublev (68th in the world) and Alexandre Schvartz (former Pro player (ranked -2/6) ) had the good idea to organize last Sunday a free initiation to Padel, a racket sport halfway between tennis and squash which is on the rise!

Friendly, fun and easy to practice, it is suitable for women, men and children.

To try it is to adopt it ! You only need to test the padel once to catch the virus of this innovative sport.

During the morning, a player particularly distinguished himself in the person of Yoan said "Yo" for his technical ease and his intelligence of play. Did you say impressive? _AF


The Padel: instructions for use!

The walls and the fencing serve as boundaries for the 10 x 20 meter lot. The ball is only allowed one rebound on the ground. A player can catch a ball after a rebound on the ground and one or more rebounds on the walls or the fence. During service, the ball must not touch the fence. If the ball hits the wall or the fence before a rebound on the ground, it is foul. A player can take back the volley ball. The service is done "with a spoon", two feet behind the service line, in the diagonally opposite square. In service, the ball-racket contact is made below the level of the belt. The points count is that of tennis. A game is played in duplicate.

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