Registration of a private education student without a contract in a public establishment: instructions for use


Students enrolled in a private establishment without contract or in the family wishing to register in a public school establishment are invited to complete the registration form for the knowledge test.

This registration form can be downloaded from the internet on the site or can be collected from the office of the National Education Department, floor 2 at the Mall West Indies, in Marigot.

Complete files must be submitted before Wednesday April 26, 2023 and the knowledge check will take place on Wednesday May 17, 2023.

For information, the memorandum n ° 81-173 of April 16, 1981 governs the admission into public education of students of private education without contract. When a family educates a child in a private establishment outside the contract and wants him to join public education, there are constraints:

- The family must live in the French part of Saint-Martin;

- The child must take a test to assess his level;

- Following this test, the family does not choose the establishment it wants but respects the sectorization which applies in the same way for everyone.

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