UNUSUAL: Two French people invent glasses that repel mosquitoes


The Lyon-based company 15-1 Diffusion, founded by Didier Janot and Antoine Quinzin in 2014, has developed innovative glasses called Aloha, designed to repel mosquitoes, lice and ticks.

Equipped with micro-encapsulation technology that effectively repels mosquitoes, ticks and even lice, Aloha glasses were presented at the 2023 world optics fair. For Didier Janot, “visual correction is the first function of a telescope but our invention allows us to offer an additional option.” Indeed, the frames also have the capacity to diffuse perfume fragrances over a long period of time, they are antibacterial thanks to the material capable of eliminating bacteria on the entire surface of the glasses and are visible in the dark, two minutes at a time. the light and the glasses become fluorescent for around ten hours. All these innovative features did not fail to arouse great interest from the groups and manufacturers present at the show, whether in the optics sector but also in luxury, cosmetics, automobiles, textiles and Sport. The micro-encapsulation process can be applied to various supports, ranging from fabric to glass to wood. The first Aloha models should be marketed in 2024 and will protect against lice and mosquitoes: “The process will be integrated into other ranges of glasses, it is an option that will be offered to customers depending on the brand or model chosen” explains Didier Janot. On the practical side, it is not the lenses of the glasses that will keep the insects away but the frame made from a new patented material into which natural properties based on lavandin essential oil are integrated. Diffused all day around the head of the person wearing the Aloha glasses, the product acts as an effective and lasting protective barrier. In addition, these “magic” glasses are also able to reduce the stress of adults and children who wear them. Impregnated with a barely perceptible compound based on soothing essential oils, this invention would have its place in the treatment of certain pathologies: “We are currently studying the subject with the medical profession who are interested” indicates Didier Janot who specifies that the Aloha product is not toxic to humans. In terms of price, the glasses, which retain their primary function of being adapted to anyone's eyesight, will not cost more than a normal pair, the company 15-1 Diffusion wants their product to remain a well-being solution. be for consumers. The two inventors are not short of ideas, they have other ambitious projects in the pipeline, such as the creation of a research and design laboratory in Reims. _VX

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