UNUSUAL / Robert Wadlow, tallest man in the world


Robert Wadlow was born in the town of Alton, Illinois on February 22, 1918. A healthy baby of about 3,80 kg and a perfectly normal height. On his first birthday, he weighed 20 kg for a little over a meter in height and his growth has continued to be exponential: at five years old, he measured 1,64 meters; at eight years 1,83 meters. At the age of thirteen, and with a height of 2,18 meters, he became the tallest Scout in the world.

A rather calm boy, he is nicknamed "the gentle giant". The man loved photography and playing the guitar, but had to give up when his hands got too big for these activities. Exceptional growth due to hypertrophy of its pituitary gland, which regulates growth hormone. After receiving his high school diploma, he toured the country to promote the “International Shoe Company” which, in exchange, made him shoes in his size (size 75). Suffering from weaknesses and lack of sensation in the legs, Robert Wadlow was forced to wear orthopedic devices, which cost him his life since in 1940 he contracted an infection due to a defective device which cut his ankle.

The man will end his days in hospital and die of this infection, in his sleep, at the age of 22; it then measures 2,72 meters.


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