Unusual: A Juliana - Saint-Martin Grand-Case flight with Air Caraïbes in four minutes: who says better?


Instead of landing as planned Tuesday afternoon on the runway at Saint-Martin Grand-Case airport, Air Caribbean ATR 72 was diverted to Juliana airport due to bad conditions weather.

Thinking of getting off the plane in the Dutch part, the passengers are not at the end of their surprise. In fact, the weather conditions having improved in the meantime in the French part, the captain then decided immediately to take off in the direction of Saint-Martin Grand-Case.

No sooner said than done ! Four minutes later, the ATR 72 landed on the tarmac at Grand-Case airport.

"I experienced the shortest and fastest flight of my life," said one passenger when he got off the plane.

A memory to mark with a white stone for his arrival on the "Friendly Island".


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