Installation of the fifth Territorial Youth Council


Saturday, January 20 at the Hotel de la Collectivité, the 23 members of the Territorial Youth Council met in costume and tailor to elect their representative and proceed with the official installation of the fifth Territorial Youth Council (CTJ).

Three candidates presented themselves, two boys (Ashille Brooks and Pierre-Lou Richeux) and a girl (Jemima Belme). They each presented their program eloquently and tried to convince the twenty members of the CTJ to vote for them. By secret ballot, the members finally elected Ashille Brooks by majority vote (18). He is the new president of the Territorial Youth Council for a two-year term with immediate office. (Source:


Composition of youth territorial council

• President : Ashille Brooks

• 1st vice-president in charge of the sport, health and culture commission: Jerry hodge

• 2nd vice-president in charge of the communication commission: Gabriella Losi

• 3rd vice-president in charge of the cooperation commission youth inter-council: Manuel Felix

• 4th Vice-president in charge of the solidarity commission: Audeline Elian

• Other members of the CTJ: Rashida Alexander, Jemima Belme, Angelo Buret, Audeline Elian, Georgina Fantilus, Fornessa-Catt Fortune, Nathalie Juste, Yoean Lake, Dina Laurore, Théo Lebon, Stevenson Miller, Antoine Novembre, Branly Oge, Pierre-Lou Richeux, Christopher Rodriguez, Cloé Saladin, Junia Selicout, Hugues Taylor

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