Bad weather: Several motorists stuck on the road to Mullet Bay


Following torrential rain last Saturday, the Mullet Bay Golf Course road from Cupecoy to Maho Village was once again flooded on Sunday morning, causing cars to become stuck and engines to be damaged.

Puddles are a chronic problem on this route. However, the problem was exacerbated by a contractor who had "the brilliant idea of ​​digging a utility trench on Fridays regardless of the weather forecast", reports a Cupecoy resident. “Result of the races, several drivers found themselves stuck in the trench filled with water. I'm sure the contractor will be happy to pay for the damage done to these cars,” the resident remarked cynically, then suggested that the government should take the matter into their own hands and ensure safe passage for cars, cyclists and pedestrians. “You can't keep all the residents, students and tourists on this side [Cupecoy – Ed] hostage, so to speak, every time it rains, because of this inaction, this laissez-faire.

A few weeks before the high tourist season, it would indeed be good to take head on this recurring problem which poisons the lives of motorists. _AF


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