Irma: End of the emergency phase


In Saint-Martin, the emergency phase is now over. The health and safety situation is normalized. The objective now is to put in place as quickly as possible the conditions allowing the start of reconstruction and ultimately a return to normal life. The security detachments therefore give way to the summary recovery means deployed by the BPC Tonnerre.

On the island, with the arrival of BPC Tonnerre resources as reinforcements, the system is now structured around a “transport” component and a “summary recovery” component.

The transport component is today provided by an A400M, two Casa and the four helicopters of the BPC Tonnerre arriving on Saturday September 23. On board, more than 290 reinforcements, 4 helicopters and a hundred engineering vehicles.

For the summary recovery component, the disembarked vehicles began their clearing and clearing operations as soon as they arrived on the island. These heavy means made it possible to accelerate the work started by the men of the regiment of the adapted military service (RSMA) and of the module Precursor Engineering.

Their main mission is to restore the free movement of goods and people and to create the conditions for the reconstruction of the island.

In terms of security, the return to calm allows the internal security forces to ensure the security of the island, leading to the disengagement of the companies of the 3rd parachutist regiment of marine infantry and the 3rd foreign parachutist regiment. _AF

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