Isaac: How the Community was prepared


Monday evening during the press conference, the president of the Collectivity was by the side of the prefect. Daniel Gibbs gave an update on the resources that the COM has committed to approaching Isaac.

“All the gullies have been cleaned, that of Friar's Bay and the Haut de Colombier must be finalized. We have accelerated the pace of picking up waste and bulky items; the ecosite will be open free of charge for 48 hours to allow individuals and professionals to deposit their waste there, ”he said. If Isaac were to threaten Saint-Martin, the territorial police knew that they would have to pass equipped with megaphones in the neighborhoods to inform the population.

Daniel Gibbs announced that 1 places in shelters were available on the whole of the French part and that five buses will be made available at specific points to transport the population to the shelters; the precise times and places will be communicated if necessary. (More details on

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