2024 ISLAND GAMES: Saint-Martin wins 4 medals!


Firstrd edition of the Island Games closed on Saturday May 25 after 4 days of competition contested on the facilities of Porto-Vecchio and Zonza Sainte-Lucie.

Unsurprisingly, it is Sardinia which wins this new edition, almost victorious in all disciplines bringing together nearly 400 athletes in total. But Saint-Martin did nothing wrong during its second participation, this time as a full member thanks to the CTOS SBH SXM. The gold medal in the women's 100m was won by Chanel Richardson who told us before her departure her intention to win. The promising athlete also brought home the bronze medal in the women's 200m. Jahiem Kennedy Hodge gets 3rd place for the shot put, like Désirée Gamiette for the women's 800m. Our local basketball players made a great start with 4 victories during the group matches. Despite the defeats in the semi-final and the small final, they can be proud to be 4rd in the final ranking. In football, Saint-Martin finishes 3rd against a 4rd place in tennis. In the individual gymnastics ranking, Julia Brooks takes 5rd place on the uneven bars. The delegation returned last Monday, to a warm welcome from families and supporters. A huge congratulations to our young people who carried the colors of Saint-Martin high… and brought home a 5rd symbolic medal, that of fair play. _VX


Sports results in detail:


Chanel Richardson: 1st place (out of 7) women's 100m in 12''36

Jahiem Kennedy-Hodge: 3rd place (out of 7) weight throw 5kg (10m55)

Désirée Gamiette: 3rd place (out of 9) women's 800m (2'24''34)

Chanel Richardson: 3rd place (out of 6) women's 200m (26''14)


Basketball 3x3

Group matches:

SXM vs Corsica 2: 12 – 10

SXM vs Canary Islands: 15 – 14

SXM vs Sardinia: 12 – 21

SXM vs Cape Verde: 14 – 5

SXM vs Corsica 1: 12-8


2nd place overall out of 5 teams

Semi final : 

SXM vs Canary Islands: 14 – 16


Small final for 3rd place: 

SXM vs Corsica 1: 10 – 18

4th place in the final ranking out of 5 teams



SXM vs Sardinia (first leg): 1-1

SXM vs Corsica (first leg): 0 – 3

SXM vs Sardinia (return): 0 – 1

SXM vs Corsica (return): 0 – 4

3rd place out of 3 teams



SXM vs Corsica: 2 – 1

SXM vs Sardinia: 0 – 3

SXM vs Canary Islands: 0 – 3

SXM vs Madeira: 0 – 3

1 win

4rd place out of 5 teams



Individual ranking for Julia Brooks: 5rd out of 6 on the uneven bars


Final ranking

1 – Sardinia

2- Corsica

3- Canary Islands

4- Saint-Martin




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