JEUX DES ÎLES: 39 young Saint-Martin athletes in the competition


As part of the 26th edition of the Island Games, Corsica vibrates to the rhythm of sport from yesterday until May 26. And the 39 young Saint-Martin athletes selected intend to carry the colors of the territory high by bringing home medals!

The Saint-Martin delegation marked its first participation in the Island Games last year, at the invitation of Martinique. But this year, the performances of our young athletes will be counted thanks to the Territorial Olympic and Sports Committee (CTOS) of Saint-Barthélemy and Saint-Martin which is now a full member of the Island Games. “The goal is to toughen our youth and ensure that our young athletes progress, they saw the level last year and trained this year to obtain better results” declared Alain Gros-Desormeaux, president of the CTOS- SBSM. The 39 athletes between 12 and 15 years old are accompanied by 12 supervising coaches, ready to excel in their respective discipline: football, basketball, tennis, athletics or gymnastics. Not counting the head of the official delegation in the person of Wendy Gumbs, a doctor, Dr. Foumann, and a physiotherapist, Daniel Kalakesh, are also on the trip. Good luck to our athletes! _VX


Interviewed at Grand-Case airport before leaving for the competition, two young Saint-Martin athletes selected to participate in the Island Games shared their impression. The impatience to play and win was palpable.

“I was selected for the basketball delegation and I am proud to represent Saint-Martin at the Island Games. I'm a little impatient, I want to get out of Saint-Martin to go play. I'm not nervous because it's a sport that I love, I've been practicing it for almost 7 years. I hope to bring home a medal! » Mathis

“I don't feel much at the moment but I know that when the competition starts I will be very nervous. I don't really know what to expect but it's the first time I've traveled this far and it's also the first time I've been selected for athletics and I'm proud of it. I'm very happy and I'm going to win! » Chanel


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