HERITAGE DAYS: Exhibition of children's drawings at the Hôtel de la Collectivité


As part of Heritage Days 2022, which took place on September 17 and 18, the School Libraries and Documentation Centers (BCD), under the impetus of Hélène Hanson for this project, had prepared a drawing competition with the extracurricular children, on the theme: "Traditional Saint-Martin houses and the art of living".

From this competition, which aimed to enhance the architectural heritage of Saint-Martin, was born an exhibition of the best drawings installed in the artists' corner of the Hall de la Collectivité and visible to the public from September 16 to 30, 2022. This Wednesday, September 21 in morning, Dominique Démocrite Louisy, 3rd Vice-President of the Collectivity in charge of Human Development, of the Commission for Education, School Affairs and Higher Education, as well as of the Board of Directors of the Territorial Fund for Works schools, proceeded to the award ceremony, masterfully animated by the young mistress of ceremonies, Romeika Piper from the Marie Antoinette Richards school. A jury of three people had been composed to elect the winners, distributed in each section, in the persons of Yves Jighai, Claudio Arnell and Gilberto Benitez. The trio selected the eighteen best drawings by awarding a 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize per level, the large nursery section, CP, CE1, CE2, CM1 and CM2. Five models are also shown. Fifteen photographs by Patrick Beaudou mingle with the works produced by the children in this exhibition which gives pride of place to traditional houses, an architectural richness of Saint-Martin's heritage. Dominique Louisy declared during his intervention: “This type of competition allows children to discover what was there before, to know how to move forward. We don't talk enough about the past. » A short film of children's works on the heritage of Saint-Martin as well as documentation by Mr. Enoch were projected in the Community Hall during the ceremony. It officially began with a few introductory words from Romeika Piper, including the relevant “We celebrate heritage days in our territory because they are very important. This is an opportunity to discover the richness of Saint-Martin and to arouse the interest of us young Saint-Martinois for culture, history, architecture and so many other pretty things”. The interpretation of the anthem of Saint-Martin by Mélodie Paul Mussington and the recitation of the poem “The old Shingle House” by Léon Noel by Emerine Carvigant were beautiful moments. The prize giving then began, rewarding budding artists who participated in the drawing competition. Their works can be admired until September 30, 2022 in the Hall de la Collectivité in Marigot. _VX

Palmares :

Big section : 

1er prize: Aionoha Colina (Evelina Halley nursery school) for her creativity

2rd prize: Fermancle (Jérôme Beaupere nursery school) for a drawing that shows the experience

3rd prize: Laurencia (nursery Ghyslaine ROGERS) for the good work and choice of colors


1er prize: Jamalia Henry (Aline Hanson school) for the traditional feeling

2nd prize: Morgane Brooks (school Clair St Maximin) for the rustic look of the old traditional house

3rd prize: Nayler Gamiette (Aline Hanson school) for his creativity


1er prize: Delamar Harry (school Aline Hanson) for his excellent choice of color and excellent coloring

2rd prize: Killery Lopez (Clair St Maximin school) for his pure and lively creation

3rd prize: Timaya Hodge (Omer Arrondell school) for its pretty color


1er prize: Morgan Nestor Hubert Davoren (school Clair St Maximin) for his creativity and the soul of a traditional house

2rd prize: Makwani Maignan (school Clair St Maximin) for her creativity

3rd prize: Tyrere Gumbs (Aline Hanson school) for its pretty color


1er prize: Samaria William (school Clair St Maximin) for her creativity and her details of the stone wall

2rd prize: Henry Kaïsha (Clair St Maximin school) for his creativity

3rd prize: Kim Banks (school Clair St Maximin) for her idea of ​​a surreal traditional house


1er prize: Joseph Pierson (Clair St Maximin school) for his creativity, his colors, his occupation of space and his expression.

2rd prize: Bernard Richardson (Clair St Maximin school) for a good representation of a traditional house

3rd prize: Russell Chadrie (Omer Arrondell school) for the choice of colors and nice coloring

The grand prize for the drawing competition was awarded to Morgan NestorHubert Davoren from the Clair Saint Maximin school.

3D art houses category (models):

1er Prize: Siana Dellion (Evelina Halley School)

2rd prize: Simeone Trott kindergarten

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