Judo (World Championship): The "decima" for Teddy Riner, Guadeloupe exults! 


Teddy Riner is more than ever the king of the world! The Guadeloupe won on Saturday a tenth world title by triumphing at the World Championship all categories in Marrakech. In the final, Riner won thanks to two waza-ari against the Belgian, Toma Nikiforov to offer himself a 144th success in a row. Did you say huge?

Yes, it is huge! On Saturday, Teddy Riner won the world championship all categories in Marrakech, winning the tenth world title of his immense career, the second in all categories after his coronation in Levallois in 2008. After dominating the Cuban, Andy Granda for a few moments Earlier in the semi-final, the French judoka won against Toma Nikiforov in the final to sign a 144th victory (!) in a row. Simply amazing!

T. Riner can now calmly turn to his ultimate goal: to obtain a third consecutive Olympic coronation in the land of judo, in Tokyo in 2020. Unheard of among heavyweights. Only one judoka has succeeded in this feat to date: the Japanese Tadahiro Nomura in -60 kg (1996, 2000 and 2004).

Until 2020, the Guadeloupe, a true living legend of his sport, intends to share his "decima" with his people. Everything in its time… _AF

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