Juliana: construction of the new terminal will start in October


The new Juliana airport terminal will be fully operational at the start of 2020, estimates the management of the establishment, which has detailed the work schedule at the Sint Maarten Parliament.

At the moment, the work concerns the roof. They consist in making the cover watertight. Started in March, they should be completed by the end of the month. Will begin immediately after the removal of mold, this site is scheduled to last one month. The demolition of the interior of the terminal and the removal of all the waste has been completed since the end of May, it had started in late February.

Phase 2 of the site concerns the reconstruction of the terminal whose plans and design have already been validated. It will begin next October, announces the management, which hopes to be able to gradually migrate the various services inside the terminal from the third quarter of 2019.

The new terminal will be more resistant, its roof is expected to withstand winds blowing at 300 km / h. The building will also consume less energy. An extension of the space reserved for immigration of American passengers is also planned.


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