Justice: 4 years in prison for a young Saint-Martin author of several aggravated thefts!


 In the court of Basse-Terre was judged in immediate appearance this Friday, April 17, a Saint-Martinois aged 21, for the aggravated theft committed at the pharmacy of Quartier d'Orléans on December 24 last and for another scooter theft at gunpoint on March 24 at Bellevue.

The magistrates pronounced a four-year prison sentence as well as the continued detention of the individual who had been arrested last Sunday by the gendarmes in Saint-Martin.

Already condemned 12 times in Saint Martin, he was also condemned in Sint Maarten last month as an accomplice in the murder of the Quebec tourist in Maho.

Localized and arrested last Sunday by the gendarmerie, he had been able to be imprisoned provisionally by videoconference with the visa of articles 936 and 937 of the CPP and repatriated to Guadeloupe thanks to the assistance of the vessel of the National Navy, the “DUMONT D'URVILLE” which made a stopover there ".

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