JUSTICE: Armed robbery of a supermarket in Bellevue: prison sentence for two individuals


The facts date back to Tuesday April 12, 2023. That day, around 19:15 p.m., a supermarket located in Bellevue was the scene of an armed robbery.

Four individuals, gloved, faces concealed, carrying at least one handgun and a long weapon, park their two skeleton-type scooters in front of the supermarket. Three individuals enter the business, threaten the people present and go directly to an office where various safes are located. They seize the unsealed chest containing the recipes from the previous days and the Easter weekend. The fourth individual, carrying a handgun, takes charge of keeping watch at the entrance to the store. All the protagonists leave the scene in the direction of Marigot without further details. The estimated damage amounts, according to the managers, to approximately €44

A few days later, during an operation to combat delinquency in the Colombier sector, the gendarmes discovered the safe stolen during the robbery. The numerous judicial investigations to trace the facts and the meticulous technical and scientific police operations carried out by the “experts” of Saint Martin make it possible to identify the team.

These are two operations, carried out a few weeks apart, in Guadeloupe and Saint-Martin which allowed the arrest and trial of six suspects before the Basse-Terre court.

J was sentenced to 10 months suspended sentence and banned from going to the said supermarket or having contact with the other perpetrators for 3 years.

RI was sentenced to 4 years including 18 months suspended with a committal warrant and prohibited from carrying a weapon for 5 years.

JC was sentenced to 4 years, 18 months of which were suspended with a committal warrant and prohibited from carrying a weapon for 5 years.

The three minors, summoned on June 18 before the juvenile court, were found guilty and their sentence will be pronounced next November.

This thorough investigation by the gendarmerie services made it possible to put a dangerous team of robbers out of harm's way. _AF



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