JUSTICE: She asks a Frenchman to recognize her daughter in order to obtain a residence permit


JDM, 30 years old and a native of the Dominican Republic, gives birth in October 2014 to a little girl at the hospital in Marigot. Three years later, in 2017, she applied for a residence permit to the prefecture services, as a foreign parent of a French child. JDM obtained its card in August 2018. In 2019, it requests its renewal.

During the investigation of the file last year, the prefecture services are challenged by certain information. The child was recognized in February 2017 when she was born in 2014. The prefecture then seized the prosecution and an investigation was opened.

LR, the man who recognized the child, is a 35-year-old Saint-Martinois, who is not the biological father of the little girl. He explains that he recognized her so that she could go to school on the French side.

Heard by the gendarmes, JDM admits that LR is not the biological father of his child, and summoned him for a year to recognize her in order to be able to enroll him in a public school on the French side. In return, she promised him $ 3 and gave him half of it.

JDM and LR are therefore prosecuted for fraudulently obtaining a residence permit and recognizing children for obtaining a residence permit. They appeared before the Saint-Martin local court on Thursday 25 June. "This is a typical fraud case in Saint Martin," said the deputy prosecutor.

LR was finally sentenced to ten months in prison and a fine of 3 euros, JMD to a suspended sentence of six months in prison and a ban on staying in France for five years with provisional execution.

The prefecture, which joined as a civil party, had already notified him of a refusal of stay. JMD lives with his mother on the Dutch side, the latter moved there after leaving his companion who lived in Rambaud, but still educates his child on the French side.

The judgment will also be sent to the civil prosecutor's office so that it can initiate proceedings to withdraw French nationality from the child.



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