JUSTICE: He attacks the manager of a convenience store and asks him for money


He introduced himself at the start of the hearing as being "general to NATO" and then as "President of the COM" at the end. IW, 28 years old, visibly presented psychiatric disorders but was judged by medical experts able to appear before the correctional court of Saint Martin and responsible criminally for the acts which he committed.

Last Friday, IW entered a Chinese convenience store in Quartier d'Orléans and asked the manager to give him money and his cell phone; the manager's refusal caused IW's nervousness, who then grabbed a pair of scissors which he stuck in the manager's son's arm. The two men managed to put their assailant out. The latter went to grab a wooden board and returned to the convenience store where he hit the son with the board. Father and son managed to defend themselves and scare the individual away with a mosquito racket and a frying pan.

The manager lodged a complaint with the gendarmerie and provided the video surveillance images which confirm his remarks and made it possible to identify IW. Arrested, he was placed in police custody before being summoned to the criminal court for immediate appearance Wednesday morning.

In accordance with the prosecution's requisitions, the court sentenced IW to 1 months' imprisonment and to keep him in detention. He received the civil party constitution from the victim; IW must pay him 600 euros in respect of material and moral damage suffered. (soualigapost.com)

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