JUSTICE: He rents a revolver to protect his convenience store


After Irma's visit, CM, of Chinese origin and manager of a convenience store in Quartier d'Orléans, felt insecure.

He wanted to protect his business, especially at night, from possible looters. He then hired GG, a 41-year-old Saint-Martin rasta but without declaring it. He also provided him with a category B weapon, while GG has no authorization to carry a weapon. They were checked by the gendarmes during a night patrol. The manager was summoned to court yesterday for concealed work and the transfer of weapons; the rasta for possession of a weapon.

The manager of the supermarket explained that he had rented the revolver in the Dutch part for the sum of 200 dollars per week. "He did not feel indebted to pay his charges however he reimbursed the weapon to the people who had supplied him with giving them $ 1 since the weapon was seized," commented the deputy prosecutor who requested a sentence of four months in prison against the two individuals, the ban on holding a weapon for a period of three years as well as a fine of 800 euros against the manager of the convenience store. After deliberation, the court acquitted GG and sentenced CM to a fine of 1 euros and a ban on holding a weapon for five years.

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