JUSTICE: He threatens to kill and insults his neighbor who killed his cats


At the bar, MB admitted that he "responded to the attacks" to which he had been subjected in the same way, or "stupidly". "I spoke to them as they spoke to me", declared this man summoned before the local court of Saint-Martin last Thursday for death threats and non-public insults because of the origin of the nation.

For several months, MB insulted her neighbor of Haitian origin and threatened her with death. During this period, he repeatedly called the gendarmerie operational center, telling the soldiers that he "was going to kill her". Last January, the gendarmes came and, on their arrival, found MB with a kitchen knife in his hand. A blood alcohol test was carried out and revealed a level of 0,96 mg / l.

He specifies that he brandished a knife to scare his neighbor with whom he does not get along. He explains that he is regularly the target of criticism and insults. He also accuses his neighbor of killing his cats. “My cats, it's the only thing I have,” he says.

He was sentenced to a two-month suspended prison sentence, a fine of 200 euros and the obligation to follow a citizenship course. (soualigapost.com)

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