JUSTICE: He risks a ban on staying in France for making a false declaration


In April 2019, ED, a Haitian national, requests the renewal of his residence permit as a sick foreigner. While he obtained it in 2016 without difficulty, he was refused by the prefecture services. The latter issue an unfavorable opinion because ED made a false declaration.

In fact, he signed the document attesting on his honor that he does not hold a residence permit in the Dutch part, but he has held a resident permit in Sint Maarten since 2011. According to French law, one cannot have the of them. From where legal proceedings for fraudulent obtaining of document brought against ED which however proved its residence in French part by presenting telephone bills in particular.

ED was summoned to the Saint-Martin local court on June 11, but he did not come to the hearing, only the prefecture was represented.

During the investigation, ED had justified its requests for titles on both sides of the island by a concern for "security". His resident card on the Dutch side also enabled him to benefit from medical care and social insurance coverage from SZV; for the prefecture services, he therefore did not need a residence permit as a sick foreigner to be treated on the French side. Unless he preferred the care provided on the French side. The CGSS has requested reimbursement of care up to  97 euros for the 300-2016 period.

The public prosecutor's office requested a stay ban in France for ten years. The judgment was reserved for July 2.



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