JUSTICE: National Day of Access to Law organized at the CCISM on May 24


On Wednesday May 24, 2023, within the CCISM in Concordia, the Association France Victimes 978 led by Olivier Canale-Fatou is organizing, with the local court of Saint-Martin, the National Day of Access to Law (JNAD), under the aegis of the Departmental Council for Access to Law in Basse-Terre (Guadeloupe).

The objective of this day is to make citizens aware of access to law and its major actors, and to highlight the daily work of all these stakeholders, whether they are legal professionals, administrations or associations.

This year, the theme of the symposium will be that of minors, understood from the angles of threatened childhood and implicated childhood.

The National Day of Access to Law will begin with the intervention of the juvenile judge on the “new code of juvenile justice: educational or repressive approach? »

Several round tables will also be organized throughout the day on the protection of children, penal reparation for minors, the care of minor offenders: educating and protecting, the empowerment of minors (legal status of minors), etc. _AF

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