Justice: Louis Jeffry is suspected of having embezzled public funds and illegal taking of interest


In August 2018, the public prosecutor's office had revealed the custody of Doctor Louis Jeffry in the context of an investigation by the Saint-Martin research section, in particular concerning acts carried out by the health observatory of Saint-Martin / Sint Maarten of which Louis Jeffry is the president.

A search of the hospital center had also taken place. It was a question of "verifying the relations existing between a doctor member of the medical commission of establishment of the hospital and structures of foreign law as well as a subsidized association, under the possible criminal qualification, in particular, of illegal taking. of interest, ”said the prosecutor at the time.

At the end of the investigation, the vice prosecutor decided to prosecute Louis Jeffry. The latter was therefore summoned on May 16 before the Criminal Court of Saint-Martin. But due to health reasons, his lawyer was unable to assist him, so the trial has been postponed until October 24.

The doctor is suspected of breach of trust by having diverted part of the public funds received by the health observatory. These funds had been granted by the European Union and paid by the Collectivity via an agreement. Victim, the COM was made civil party.

Louis Jeffry is not the only one to be prosecuted; so is the director of the observatory, Arnaud Benet, for misuse of corporate assets. He is also accused, as well as the doctor, of not having appointed an auditor as the law requires in the management of an association.

Another charge against Louis Jeffry is that of illegal taking of interest by a public service representative in a case for which he administers or supervises.

Louis Jeffry is also co-manager of a company under Dutch law, Health Destination, which had signed a contract with the Louis-Constant Fleming hospital center to recover payments from Dutch patients insured in Sint Maarten and hospitalized in the French part. In July 2017, the smn-news.com website revealed tensions between Health Destination and SZV (insurance on the Dutch side), which had stopped soliciting Health Destination. Following this, still according to Smn-news, SZV had concluded an agreement with the health observatory, an agreement which was also broken because the observatory did not pay payments to the hospital.

As part of the case that the Saint Martin court must examine, Louis Jeffry is accused of having signed as co-manager of Health Destination the contract with the hospital where he works and actively participates in meetings and decisions on cooperation with the Dutch side. The hospital center is considered a victim (Source Soualigapost).


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