JUSTICE: An employee seen at the wheel of a stolen vehicle within the concession that hires him


Forty years old, RC works in a car dealership. In January 2018, he was seen by his employer driving one of the three cars that were stolen from the dealership just after Irma. His employer suspects him of being involved in the theft and files a complaint with the gendarmerie.

RC is placed in police custody but denies having stolen the vehicle. He explains that he simply helped a friend paint the windows of the said car and that the latter loaned him the day he was seen on board. RC is still being sued for receiving property.

He was summoned to the Saint Martin Criminal Court on October 3. The prosecution's requisitions were followed up by the court; RC was sentenced to twelve months in prison.

The court also received the constitution of civil party of the car dealership: RC must pay him 2 euros in moral damages, 500 euros under article 2-000 of the code of criminal procedure and 475 euros in respect of pecuniary damage. RC was dismissed after the fact.



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