Kidnapping: One of the two kidnappers transferred to Guadeloupe


On Friday, September 6, the Sint Maarten police were informed of the kidnapping of a man in the Cole Bay area. After informing the gendarmerie, a vehicle was intercepted and the two men on board were arrested for questioning.

The theft of the scooter of one of the kidnappers would have been at the origin of the kidnapping of the individual who would have carried out the theft. Spotted partly Dutch, this young person who resides in Quartier d'Orléans was brought partly French back into the trunk of the car and somewhat "shaken so that he returned the scooter", according to the prosecution. The gendarmes, provided with the description provided by the Sint Maarten police, spotted the abducted individual who was traveling on foot to return to his home. He was then summoned to the gendarmerie brigade to give a statement.

Heard and then released, it turned out that one of the two kidnappers had a twelve-month reprieve for another conviction and that, moreover, he was soon to be summoned to court for another case of violence. As a result, the prosecution considered that his sentence should be carried out. Also, the culprit identified with the initials AC was transferred on Saturday September 7 to Baie-Mahault to serve his sentence, said the Saint-Martin prosecution. The second suspect, JJ, has been released pending further investigation. The Public Prosecutor's Office wishes to make it known that “people do not have to take the law into their own hands (…) There is a legitimate authority and we must turn to it”, in this case the gendarmerie. For the record, the scooter thief who lives in the same residence as the owner of the two wheel, and who also drags a few pans, was also transferred to Baie-Mahault after his summons. _RM

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