KITESURFING: Nice performance by young Saint-Martin, Théo Demanez!


Stapless Kitesurf (World's Championships)

From June 29 to July 3, the first stage of the Stapless Kitesurf World Championship took place at the Tarifa spot in Spain. 

Four registered Frenchmen had to qualify to have their entry card to the competition, including Théo Demanez, the young Saint-Martin. It was for him his first competition in strapless (kitesurf with a surfboard). Upgraded to participate in the Pro Tour with adults (with his compatriot Camille Delannoy, 17 years old), Théo qualified to participate in the competition. Théo finishes 6 th in the qualifications and wins his entry ticket for the main event. On the second day, the competition begins in single elimination with repechage. With a light wind, Théo ensures well and continues the figures with his own style: fluid and slippery. The judges take into account technique, variety and general impression. Théo scores points and qualifies against a Briton. He then meets the Portuguese, Paolino Peireira, 5 times Champions of Portugal in the 8th final.

To win the rounds at this level, you have to send more aerial and risky figures. Théo tries new tricks during his heat but Paolino with his more powerful style climbs much higher and scores more points. Theo has defended himself well and poses all his figures but will lack amplitude in the jumps. It is true that the light wind conditions in Saint-Martin do not allow him to pass these figures here in Spain.

Théo ultimately ranks 12 th out of the 24 world championships, a satisfactory classification for a first international competition.

The last day was a big air, high jump and tricks competition. Théo participated with a wind of 40 knots. The show was performed in front of more than 2 spectators.

Théo will certainly take part in the next stage in the Canaries (Fuerteventura) in early August and thanks his partners: La Collectivité de Saint-Martin, Metimer, Wind adventures, Cabrinha, NP surf and Horue.  _AF

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