The Community facing the challenges linked to the energy transition


The President, Aline Hanson recently received Jean Facon, Deputy Director in charge of the Energy & Digital Departments and Head of the Legal Department at the National Federation of Granting Authorities and Régies in Paris (FNCCR). 

It should be noted that since 2008, the Collectivity of Saint Martin, owner of the electricity distribution networks, has organized itself to fulfill its role of licensing authority and organizer of electrification (AODE).

It is up to the Collective to carry out operations to strengthen its electrical distribution network, the work of which is financed by the so-called investment fee, coming from the tax on electrical consumption and specific aid coming from FACE (Fund of amortization of electrification charges).

In terms of figures, electrical distribution in Saint-Martin represents 17 delivery points, 000 km of electrical distribution networks, 190 transformer stations and 230% annual increase in demand for electricity.

Since 2010, operations have been carried out by the Collectivity at the rate of an investment of 1 million Euros per year. Thus, it was proceeded to the burial and the reinforcement of the networks (ex RN 7 and road of Coralita in Quartier d'Orléans, street of Holland between Bellevue and road of Concordia, Route of St Louis), to the construction of ten transformer stations to improve the electricity network. Network reinforcements are scheduled over the next three years. These works will mainly concern Rue d'Agrément, Belle Plaine, rue Mingau, rue St James, rue de Low-tow in Marigot. _AF


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