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Health Insurance has developed for several years a set of actions aimed at promoting access to rights and care. However, a part of the insured, among the most modest, is confronted, in relation to the Health Insurance, to situations of non-recourse, incomprehension and rupture.

A meeting was held last Friday, with the aim of bringing together the partners in order to present to them the PLANIR device, the local plan to support non-recourse, misunderstandings, ruptures, as well as the new complementary health care solidarity that came into force on November 1, 2019. The Complémentaire santé solidaire is a new complementary health offer for people on low incomes. It is an offer intended to facilitate access to rights and to offer better protection in terms of health coverage.

The Collectivity of Saint-Martin, as a partner, participates in the promotion of these service offers to the public followed by the Solidarity and Families delegation. The Collectivity also takes care to report to the team of the Social Security agency of Saint-Martin the people in difficulty in accessing rights or in situation of renouncing care.

The partners of this project are:

The Collectivity of Saint-Martin - Solidarity and Families Pole - People's Autonomy Department - Children and Families Department and the Social Action and Integration Department.

The Trait-d'union association - the AIDES Act association, the CAF, the MSAP, the Red Cross, the MAIA of the Northern Islands and the LC Fleming Hospital Center.

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