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The President Aline Hanson and Alain Gros-Désormeaux, territorial advisor delegated to Sport, recently received at the Hôtel de la Collectivité, a delegation from the Directorate of Youth and Sports and Social Cohesion (DJSCS), led by Mr. Patrick Bouleau, head of the Sport division. 

Composed of eight executives from the Sport pole and the Employment, training and exams pole of the DJSCS of Guadeloupe, this mission is in delegation on the territory from April 18 to 22, with a stopover of a few hours in Saint-Barthélemy.

As Patrick Bouleau told the President, this mission has three objectives:

- Bring to the knowledge of the territory the orientations of the State in terms of public policies relating to sport.

- Carry out regulatory checks on professional practice conditions in sports clubs and local sports companies

- Support the community in its approach to support the sports movement

As a preamble to the discussions, President Aline Hanson reiterated her wish to see the creation of a permanent DJSCS position in Saint Martin, in order to properly support the local development of the sport. The distance with the DJS in Guadeloupe is highly penalizing, even though Saint-Martin has a crying need for means and technicality, especially in the setting up of projects.

Aware of the lack of resources allocated to Saint-Martin, Patrick Bouleau indicated that the DJSCS of Guadeloupe, on which Saint-Martin depends, was doing its best to support the territory.

Among the guidelines set by the President of the Republic is first and foremost employment (9 subsidized contracts in Saint-Martin from the DJS out of the 74 quota granted to Guadeloupe).

The city policy and its variation on our territory, the quality of sports facilities, the support of clubs, the support of the community in its sports policy, respect for the maritime public domain, are among the other government priorities set by Francois Hollande.

Patrick Bouleau took advantage of this interview to recall that it had now become essential for sports structures to submit a project to have a chance of obtaining funding. The ministerial policies being thematic, it is necessary to be able to propose projects which fall under these themes to develop its structure or its association.

After giving the technicians of the community time to detail the sports infrastructure rehabilitation program undertaken by the Community (€ 5 million invested under the State / COM development contract), President Aline Hanson said that she was particularly attached to the upgrading of these infrastructures for young people; it also assured the delegation of its determination to continue its action with the state services so that Saint-Martin obtains a local representation of the DJSCS and that the territory is endowed with additional means._AF

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