The gendarmerie is stepping up its checks in search of stolen vehicles


Last week the gendarmes of Saint-Martin controlled traffic flows to fight against a phenomenon that is still too important on the island, car theft.

“Certain models remain more exposed than others, this is particularly the case for small and medium-sized cars whose design facilitates the work of the perpetrators”, specify the gendarmes who, in a few hours, carried out targeted checks during from which they discovered three disguised vehicles. The latter were seized and investigations for concealment of property were opened.

“As a reminder, every object has a reference value that can be compared online on the Internet. Being offered a vehicle at a much lower price than the market must ask buyers about its origin. If it is a stolen object, not only can it be confiscated but the offense of concealment can condemn you to a fine or prison term of 5 years or more”, affirms the lieutenant-colonel, Maxime Wintzer.

In conjunction with the Prefecture and the local judicial authority, the Gendarmerie continues to develop its fight plan to offer new tools aimed at securing and making reliable purchases between individuals.

Vehicle theft naturally creates inflation on insurance policies, thus precariously affecting the weakest. The gendarmerie is counting on citizens to make this fight "everyone's business".

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