The Day of Elegance organized at the Professional High School Daniella Jeffry


Next Friday, October 21 will be the 1st edition of the Day of Elegance at the Professional High School Daniella Jeffry.

At the initiative of this project, Sylvie Roseau and Nathifa Galipo wish  valorize  the educational community of LP Daniella Jeffry by setting up a day of elegance. This project is multidisciplinary and has several objectives: 

 Allow everyone to show through their outfit of the day, their perception of elegance and the self-image they want to convey.

 Prepare students for the different Training Periods in Professional Environments compulsory in their course (preparation for finding an internship, starting an internship or even working on their professional posture).

 Show off with elegant attire  but without a priori and without influence.

Different editions will take place throughout the school year with the purpose of the election of Miss and Mister Elegance as well as a contest of eloquence in co-intervention with certain professors of Letters and Applied Arts. _AF

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