The League of Saint-Martin reports an increasing level of training!


From March 18 to 28, the Football League set up training to obtain the Federal Football Certificate 3 (CFF3), in collaboration with Florian BECHON, School football project manager of the National Technical Directorate.

The training, which took place every evening from 18 p.m. to 21 p.m., put the candidates to the test on a theoretical and practical level. "The job of educator is not as simple as we think," said the Technical Advisor of the League, Hervé HAPPY. Indeed, on the basis of 21 registered candidates, only 19 have persevered to the end. The Football League is pleased to see a gradual increase in the number of candidates registering for training. “We had 10 candidates for CFF1, 15 for CFF2 and now 19 for CFF3. I think this training project is a real success when you take into account the number of candidates. This proves that educators have the will and the desire to train for football in Saint Martin ”, proudly declares the CTS, Hervé HAPPY. Upon obtaining CFF3, educators will be able to supervise and train the U17 and senior categories. The League is convinced that the level of football in Saint Martin will evolve according to the level of training of its educators. She will then continue on this path, maintaining her vision of perfecting or even professionalizing football in Saint-Martin. _AF

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