The Saint-Martin league is recruiting volunteers!


For the next football season 2017-2018, the Saint-Martin Football League is recruiting volunteers to run the various committees.

This call for candidates is aimed at people (5 per committee) wishing to participate in the committees listed below, either as a member or as president, under the regulations of the French Football Federation and the League of Saint-Martin.

1. Statutes, regulations and transfers

2. Discipline and education

3. Medical

4. Arbitration

5. Calendars

6. Female

The League Council wishes to emphasize gender parity and believes that this "plays a fundamental role in our sports democracy".

STATUS: Volunteer

CRITERIA: Have availability (6 hours per month on average, be careful of specific urgent cases). Required qualities :

- Committed

- Great discretion

- Rigor

- Impartiality

- honesty

- Generosity of spirit


DURATION: 1 season (Sept 2017 - June 2018)


1. Recent passport photo

2. Up-to-date identity document

3. Letter of motivation

4. Optional: A detailed CV signed on honor and not exceeding three pages (3).


French et English


1. Training offered.

2. Card entitled to the League.

3. Free access to all League events.

4. "For the same diploma, a CV enriched with volunteer experience will be privileged, because it describes someone who knows how to invest and open up to others" says Hafida Lrhezzioui, consultant in charge of professional integration at the Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg.

But that's not all, the voluntary missions are an opportunity to enrich the chapter of professional experiences.

5. Possibility of travel.

Applicants are reminded that the presentation of an incomplete file or containing false documents entails its systematic rejection.

You can join

the League of Saint Martin:

by email :

par téléphone:

on Facebook : Smfa Saint Martin

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