The start of the school year will be on September 1 for all students


The start of the school year will take place on Tuesday, September 1 in France, in Saint-Martin included. The vice-rector confirmed it to us: all the establishments will reopen their doors to all the pupils, including the kindergartens which had remained closed after the deconfinement.

There will no longer be any reception by level as was the case in primary or college. However, there may be a re-entry staggered over two or three days depending on the establishment, as could already be done in previous years.

The re-entry conditions will be detailed by the rector of the academy, Christine Gangloff-Ziegler, this Friday. She will be traveling to Saint-Martin and will give a press conference with the president of the COM.

As a reminder, the mask will be compulsory for students from 11 years old (that is to say for middle and high school students) as well as for adults, except those who work in kindergarten. The details of the barrier gestures to be observed will also be specified at a press conference on Friday.



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