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SAUR Saint Martin is launching a listening campaign with users of water and sanitation services in order to gather information from users and optimize the water service in Saint-Martin. 

14 SAUR listening agents, with badge and letter of accreditation, are deployed in the various districts of the island for four to five months and go to meet citizens and businesses to find out about the operation of the service. water in homes. People are invited to answer questions from the monitoring agents on their own use of water, whether they are connected to city water or connected to a rainwater recovery tank. People connected to the drinking water network will be asked to submit a water bill to allow the listening agents to best complete the form used for this study.

This field study conducted by SAUR Saint Martin will allow the new delegate to know his customers better to better meet their expectations. It will also allow the Water and Sanitation Establishment of Saint-Martin (EEASM) to better identify the areas presenting a connection or supply problem and the areas requiring an extension of the existing network.

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