The SNSM of Saint-Martin engaged in several missions


On Saturday August 12 at 15:40 p.m., the SNSM station of Saint-Martin was hired by the CROSS Antilles Guyane with the launch SNS 129 to intervene on a yacht on fire in Shoal bay, Anguilla. From the territory's sea lifeguard station, a thick column of black smoke rises from Anguilla.

While the crew were fitting out the launch for an intervention on a fire and preparing to set sail, the Cross Antilles Guyane disengaged them at 16 p.m. Indeed, the SAR 1 from Anguilla as well as many other ships present for the POKER RUN 2023 being already in the area picked up the passengers while the ship was burning. The CROSS therefore does not consider it useful to engage other rescue teams. On Sunday August 13 at 14:30 p.m., at the request of the Gendarmerie, a small crew of the SNSM made itself available with the semi-rigid Rescue star to take a team of gendarmes equipped with a drone concerning a missing person in Tintamarre. A group of friends, gone for a picnic on the island, have no more news of one of their comrades who left to visit the island alone and without means of communication 3 hours earlier. The mission of the SNSM is therefore to drop off the team of 6 gendarmes for a pedestrian patrol with their drone while the semi-rigid will go around Tintamarre. Barely arrived at less than a nautical mile from the island, the Cross AG disengaged the Rescue star, the missing person having joined his group. Without shoes or a phone, the man got lost on the island and struggled to reach his friends. On Tuesday August 15 at 17:05 p.m., the Cross AG once again hired the launch SNS 129 for a distress beacon 2 nautical miles east of Phillipsburg. Despite the previous unsuccessful outings, the rescuers intend to remove the doubt and go on a mission. While the team members are heading towards the SNS 129, the Cross AG puts them on stand-by, the Metal Shark of the Dutch Coast Guard has arrived in the area. Twenty minutes later, the information is confirmed, there is indeed a boat which sank with three people in the sea. Fortunately the three castaways activated their beacon, put on their vests and climbed into their life raft before their boat does not sink. All were recovered safe and sound. Three interventions in four days with zero victims, only good news for our rescuers at sea. After several weeks without intervention, the volunteers of the SNSM station of Saint-Martin remain permanently on the alert to rescue all alerts. 24/7, 7 days a year. _VX


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