Access to the stadium car park is always closed


Parking in the car park located in front of the Albéric Richards stadium at Sandy Ground is prohibited at certain times of the year during sessions for passing the motorcycle license, the site serving as the track.

A territorial decree is systematically taken in this sense. The last one was published to prohibit parking between 8 a.m. and 17 p.m. from June 11 to 26, 2019 as indicated on the sign posted on the site. Except that, since that date, the barriers located at the entrance to the car park have never been raised; nor were they outside of the time slot.

A situation that residents of the Anse des Sables residence, facing him, deplore. “Before we parked in the evening in the parking lot, since we can no longer. Some of us then park in the parking lot of the Beach Hotel and the rest as we can, ”explains a local resident. In other words, on sidewalks and lawns. "There is a lot of incivism," notes a resident who has to slalom between cars to push her husband's wheelchair, the sidewalk and the entrance are often blocked by vehicles.

The residents explain having contacted the Collectivity to ask that the parking lot of the stadium be accessible again "but we [them] replied that [the services] preferred to let it close between the motorcycle license sessions". However, they would like the site to be open in the evening to allow parking.



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