Application of PPRN postponed?


Until today, the State services have been clear: the new regulations of the plan for the prevention of natural risks from marine submergence will be applied before the end of 2019.

At the beginning of November, when heard in the Senate, the Minister for Overseas France said she wanted to "take the time to exchange and listen again", suggesting that the urgency imposed by the hurricane season was over for 2019, state services could take the time to “listen to everyone”. Without officially announcing a postponement of the application of the revised PPRN.

In the report of the public inquiry commission, a clarification from the prefect seems to go in the same direction.

The latter indicates that the final application of the PPRN "will take place in the coming months and at the latest within three years after the prescription order of March 12, 2019". If the will of the State was still to apply the PPRN before the end of the year, the prefect would have specified "in the coming weeks".

It remains to be seen whether our understanding is good. (

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